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Extraordinary Incentive to Normalize Business Activity

On July 13th, Ordinance no. 170-A/2020 was published, regulating the “extraordinary incentive to normalize business activity”, which is aimed at companies that, having resorted to the simplified layoff, are in position to return to their normal activity.

This measure consists in granting support to the employer during the period of return of its employees to the normal working time and the return to the normal business activity, through the allocation of a Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Wage (GMMW) for each worker covered, paid in one lump sum, or two GMMW per worker covered, paid in two instalments over a period of 6 months. Additionally, if this measure is applied it is possible, under certain conditions, for employers to be partially or totally exempted from paying social security contributions.


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Artigo: Extraordinary Incentive to Normalize Business Activity